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Why Not Google Chrome?

Why you should not use the Google Chrome browser

As an internet software engineer, I often get asked why I don’t use Google’s ever popular Chrome browser. My answer is often met with disbelief. So I decided to answer the question once and for all with proof behind my reasoning in this six and a half minute video.

I posted the video on youtube back in August of 2015. An interesting fact is that it is virtually impossible to find the video using a Google search or a Youtube specific search. That’s right; Google refuses to index the video. If this doesn’t confirm the nefariousness behind the Chrome browser what will? Will Google simply remove the video? Probably. I propose they will remove it if it begins to gain any traction.

Try this: Do a search for “why not google chrome” or “why you shouldn’t use the chrome browser”. I’m betting that you will not find a single article or video that exposes their tracking as I do in the linked video. You will most certainly not find my video.

The clear fact is that Google tracks your every move when you use their browser. They don’t want you to know that.

If you want a browser experience without sharing every site you visit and single click you make with Google, use Firefox.

In addition, I use startpage.com instead of google.com for all of my searching. Startpage gets their results from Google but they don’t record your searches and correlate your IP address, etc.

Good luck