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A Portable Bash Environment

Working with computers over the years I’ve built up a set of shell environment preferences, aliases, functions, etc. Bash is my shell of choice and incredibly powerful if used correctly.

My Macbook Bash environment sports a plethora of command aliases and functions that make work relatively easy. My shell preferences are all neatly stored and sourced on opening the Terminal application. However, I am often required to login to new servers to do work.

A new, default Bash environment makes me cringe. Missing my tools and aliases makes things very frustrating. For example when I want to change directories up three times, in my home environment I can just type 3.. instead of cd ../../... When I try to type 3.. and the shell barfs back -bash: 3..: command not found, it gives me that “oh crap” feeling.

To help solve this situation I published my environment on GitHub. Now I can just login to the new box, clone git://github.com/midwire/.env.git, then add the following to my .bashrc file:

Append this to your .bashrc file
[[ -r $HOME/.env/source.sh ]] && . $HOME/.env/source.sh

This recursively sources each *.sh file beginning with your ~/.env directory. What I like about this as opposed to the all-in-one .bashrc file is that it keeps everything compartmentalized for easy maintenance, and it’s portable from a location standpoint.

The next step is to make it portable from a platform standpoint. For instance, I want to have the environment get sourced according to the type of platform it is on. In other words, if I am on a Solaris box the aliases and functions may need to be different in comparison to a Mac OSX box.

Feel free to clone the repository, update and send me a pull request.


– Midwire